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Investment Executive
How I got here:

Prior to Illuminate, I worked at Bain & Company where I worked in the Private Equity and Financial Services practice in the UK, Ireland, South Africa and Nigeria. I focused on commercial due diligence (mainly TMT and FinTech), fund strategy and bank restructuring projects. Prior to this, I worked in the Technology division at JPMorgan, an Agri-food social enterprise in Ghana, and co-founded the online booking system provider, Teamup. I have a Master’s degree (first class honours) in Engineering from the University of Bristol.

I have invested in the financial markets since I was 13 years old…

…so to see the wave of technological change that is driving the market is more than a job for me. We channel the energy and innovation from early-stage capital markets tech businesses to relevant problems within our strategic industry partners. We also provide the platform and capital to fuel the growth and cement the long term existence of these solutions as a core part of the financial services technology stack.

Where to find me:

From welding sculptures out of scrap metal, to playing piano and all different flavours of sport (mainly tennis).