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Enterprise wealth management platform powered by institutional-grade analytics and risk management tools that cover the full advisory lifecycle.


The wealth industry is at a crossroads. The current legacy systems used by most managers rely on inflexible 1-1 integrations leaving large amounts of data trapped in silos. This prevents firms from being able to see a full view of a client or respond in real time to basic questions about a portfolio. Excel is still widely used as a band-aid, an approach which is not only error prone and questionable in light of data privacy and storage laws, it also soaks up time that could otherwise be spent better managing relationships. With fees under constant pressure, finding new tools which both improve internal efficiencies and client service will be critical. We believe there is a huge opportunity for a new end-to-end platform which streamlines the existing infrastructure.


The d1g1t platform does exactly this and acts as the glue between the patchwork of legacy systems with a single, integrated platform that manages the entire wealth management advisory life cycle. It pulls together information that belongs together across the business and makes it readily accessible so that advisers can run sophisticated analysis for clients on the fly. This brings the portfolio to life and makes the discussion with clients more meaningful by allowing advisers to answer questions in real time such as: “What will happen to my portfolio if there is a crash?” or “Will I still be on track to meet my goals?”.

It is not only a large efficiency lift at the bottom line, but it also helps a firm to grow its book by better serving and engaging clients.


We were impressed by the clear vision and passion of the team to take their years of experience and deliver institutional grade tools to the underserved wealth market. This drive and deep domain expertise have enabled them to build an impressively mature solution for a young business and successfully deliver it to initial clients who described the impact as night and day. With our strong network and presence in New York and London, we look forward to supporting the company with its US expansion plans and beyond.