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Microservices-based software products for capital markets


In-house software development is an expensive and lengthy process for financial market institutions.

External legacy middle and back-office software suites are dated and inflexible to deploy, use and maintain.

At the same time, incoming waves of new regulation has led to an ever-increasing demand for new software applications and workflows.

This environment has put significant strain on existing systems, budgets and technology teams.

How Genesis addresses these challenges

Genesis has created a microservices software development framework that allows financial firms to build high-performance enterprise software applications for capital markets in extremely short timeframes.

They achieve this by leveraging a modular software framework, where they can use pre-built software building blocks to create new applications.

Why Genesis was right for Illuminate

We are witnessing a once in a generation change in the financial sector, where financial market participants are quickly adopting a more modular and componentised technology architecture. Genesis is a critical piece in this puzzle, as they have created the only fit for purpose foundational layer of microservices in this space. We are excited not only by their potential for delivering solutions to real business problems at great speed today, but also by the opportunity they present for exciting innovation in the future.