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We identify the problems faced by financial institutions and match them to the game-changing solutions created by the best entrepreneurs.

Partnerships are a key to success

Our distinct industry engagement model puts this at the core of what we do

Our trusted network and long-established relationships in financial markets enable us to keep our ears on the ground and make the right introductions, to the right people, at the right time.

This not only helps the companies we back, but also the businesses we work with find the most relevant new tech solutions faster.


We look for solutions that resolve specific problems - not ‘cool’ technologies trying to find a problem to solve

These are solutions that will have real impact on the future of financial institutions. We only invest where we believe we can positively influence the outcome of the companies we select. We then endeavour to help move beyond validation to adoption.

We’re looking for a team that know the right opportunity when they see it.

They have a vision that is aligned with the challenges the industry faces

They have taken that first step by creating a product that solves a real problem. Our entrepreneurs are fuelled with a passion for change. We’re not just investors looking for a quick exit, we are here for the long run.

We have been the consumer. The entrepreneur. The operator. The funder.

We’ve seen each side of the story, know the challenges faced

We leverage the intel from industry relationships, our own knowledge of the markets’ pain points and our broader connections to gain real insight into what the industry needs to solve its problems.