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Investment Executive
How I got here:

I spent my career before Illuminate as an advisor to many of the leading financial institutions in South-East Asia. Working for the leading cross-asset front-to-back capital markets technology provider, Murex, I consulted banks in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam on optimising their post-trade processes, including confirmations, settlements, clearing and collateral management.

Through my experiences I have gained a deep understanding of the functioning of a bank’s back-office and the need to always push the boundaries of the system in order to streamline processes as much as possible.

Selling to banks is never an easy process…

…even if you are part of a large software vendor. I’ve handled RFPs and demos and know how difficult it can be to convince the decision maker to select your solution. Understanding requirements inside out, and giving relevant examples of how your product will help the institution manage their processes in a more efficient manner, is incredibly important.

When an Australian bank expressed interest in a securities inventory management solution that handled the nuances of the Australian fixed income market, I knew it had never been done before on the platform. Through some creative customisation, I delivered a tailored demonstration that ensured the future clients could visualise the end product, and guaranteed our success in the provider selection process.

As a nimble small firm running at full speed:

Financial institutions are inherently risk averse, and building the relationships required to reach an approval take time.

Streamline, streamline, streamline.

I get excited by simple solutions to complex problems. Analogous to beautiful code, there are definitely simpler ways to manage processes in large institutions. If you think you have found a beautiful solution to an ugly problem, come speak to me.