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The story so far…

I’ve consumed the solutions at a bank, been the entrepreneur, the operator and the funder. I’ve tried to take the lessons that fall out of each and bake them into the Illuminate model.

A 20+ year career started with 13 years of derivatives trading and management at Deutsche Bank, including periods as COO for both the Global Rates and Global Credit businesses; launching T-Zero (now ICELink) in 2005 and member of the Creditex ExCo prior to its acquisition by ICE in 2008; sitting on the ExCo of ICAP as CEO for the Post Trade Risk and Information business, and establishing ICAP’s own investment subsidiary within Post Trade in late 2010.

Why do you think there is a chasm to cross?

I think its hard for the little guy, I’ve been in that seat: Can I get them to hear my message? Can I find the right decision maker? Who can I partner with? Will anyone see me as adoptable? Is my messaging right to even make it clear I can solve your problem? At Illuminate, if we believe in you, we want to help build that bridge and then walk across with you.

Above all else, I’m a huge believer in using the right tool for the job…

…not only in FinTech but in life in general. My most treasured piece of technology? No hesitation: it’s my grandfathers old cast iron beer bottle opener, which not only serves to remind me to not over complicate things, but is also the perfect tool for the job.