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Mark Whitcroft

The story so far…

It’s a cocktail from the start up space to banking around the globe - every step has given me the perspective to cross the chasm with Illuminate.

For those who want the detail:
Illuminate Financial – Founding Partner
StartUpBootCamp FinTech (accelerator) – Executive in Residence
FinTech Innovation Lab (accelerator) – Deutsche Bank Team
ValueStream Labs (accelerator and seed fund) – Industry Advisory Board
Deutsche Bank Global Markets (sell-side) – New York & Singapore
HSBC Global Markets (sell-side) – London & Hong Kong
HSBC Asset Management (buy-side) – London

From Asia to New York & back to the Square Mile…

An interest in financial markets took me on the road working for some of the industry’s leading institutions. This was my training ground in seeing first-hand the wonders and pain points that financial markets participants deal with minute by minute and day by day. The influence of technology is changing the way we engage in nearly everything we do - the financial industry is no exception to this. Working with and investing in FinTech start-ups over the years has given me the opportunity to be part of this - helping drive this wave of change.

Selling to financial institutions is damn hard.

You need to align yourself with the right partners to give yourself the best chance of success. As Milton Berle once said, “if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”.

Relationships underpin business success, whatever your industry.

I’m always trying to connect the dots, as people and relationships make the world go round.