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Investment Executive
How I got here?

I have advised large corporates, worked with a FinTech start-up and have been a central banker - all before joining Illuminate.

As a management consultant at McKinsey, I advised financial institutions and technology companies on topics around digital strategy and operations across 10+ countries in Europe and the Middle East. Along with that, I have advised Ebury, a FinTech50 firm, have an MBA from London Business School and a Masters in Finance and Economics from Corvinus University of Budapest.

How can capital markets embrace new FinTech solutions?

Capital markets institutions could benefit tremendously from engaging more with smaller financial technology companies. However, deciding when to adopt, partner, co-invest or ignore earlier stage technology companies requires awareness - awareness that can only be gained by crossing the chasm and looking carefully at the other side.

It is easy to forget that many financial institutions still use fax machines.

That reminds me that applying better what we have at hand is crucial. The smartest solutions start with finding and understanding a pain point.