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Effortlessly consolidate all your data in one place for cost-effective compliance.


Financial firms are facing an unprecedented level of regulatory scrutiny and reporting requirements. In addition, most financial firms currently have siloed data (order, trade, CRM, etc…) due to having legacy deployed systems that don’t talk to each other.

To remain competitive and compliant, firms will have to manage and analyse their data more effectively.

How SteelEye addresses these challenges

SteelEye aggregates, stores and analyses all order, trade, market and reference data along with communications (electronic and voice) and counterparty information (CRM) enabling a firm-wide view of its activity on a single secure cloud-based platform.

This allows financial market participants to not only easily comply with regulatory requirements but also gain strategic insight.

Why SteelEye was right for Illuminate

Illuminate are very impressed by the SteelEye team and their rate of execution. Illuminate sees significant value in the partnership with SteelEye – through connecting SteelEye with our buy-side and industry partners and significant potential to sell the SteelEye platform alongside our other portfolio company offerings.

Illuminate is also providing support across hiring, sales, governance and domain experience in financial regulations.