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Cloud-based API connectivity for fixed income and derivative markets trading venues.


Market and liquidity fragmentation continues to be a growing concern for bond market participants. The number of electronic venues and trading protocols continues to rise. As of January 2017, the number of trading platforms for fixed income trading stood at 128 with approximately 220 different ways of plugging into these networks. In addition, MiFID II continues to push bond trading towards electronic venues and requires much more granular transaction reporting data to be submitted to regulators.

How TransFICC addresses these challenge

TransFICC aims to reduce trading connectivity costs in the highly fragmented fixed income and derivatives market for banks and asset managers via a low-latency scalable API.

How Illuminate is helping TransFICC cross the chasm

Banks, asset managers, hedge funds and trading venues can all benefit from TransFICC solution. The company will leverage Illuminate’s deep knowledge of fixed income markets and industry network.

Why TransFICC was right for Illuminate

TransFICC’s target market in fixed income for both sell side and buy side is at the core of our expertise and industry connections.

We also see this as a complementary offering to existing portfolio companies leading to potential synergies.