A data acquisition, analytics and reporting solution for investors and asset servicers

Accelex provides investors with the ability to access the full potential of their private markets data. The firm has developed a next-generation SaaS solution, leveraging data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques designed to streamline the process of data extraction from unstructured content. Using dynamic data acquisition algorithms, the web-based platform provides a scalable approach to the automation of extraction, analysis, and sharing of critical investment performance and transaction information. Accelex has been developed to simplify the demanding data workflow requirements of investors and their asset servicers

When broken down into its component parts, a contract is a series of data points. Each of these data points has specific conditions attached to it and can be leveraged within other parts of an organisation. The hard part is finding a way to translate the free text of a Word document (the legal world’s tool of choice) into data that does not alter the deeply embedded workflows on both sides of the table (emailing red-lines back and forth). This is the core of the Arteria product. As former legal professionals, the team at Arteria knew that this would be too big of an ask so designed a solution which would both allow free text negotiation, but have data capture at the core. By starting with the most complex use cases first, onboarding agreements for clients in financial markets, they have built an enterprise ready and scalable product that can handle the most demanding institutions. Their contracts with some of the world’s largest bulge bracket investment banks to handle highly complex agreements are testament to the strength of this product.

Illuminate bring a tremendous amount of fintech expertise and resources to the table, whether it be actively engaged operating partners, senior relationships at large financial institutions, or access to their wider investor and fintech ecosystem.

Michael Aldridge